D & L Webhosting is a division of D & L Computers. D & L Computers was formed in 1995 and D & L Webhosting was formed in 2009 by Donny Smallwood.

D & L Webhosting is owned and operated by Donny Smalwood. Donny Smallwood is an Information Technician (IT) for the Government. Mr. Smallwood has over 20 years of experience in Software and Hardware, to include Windows, Linux, and Unix (HP-UX). He began his path down the IT road in Junior High where he helped form the Apples for Students program within his School District. By the time Mr. Smallwood graduated from Junior High, the school district received over 100,000 computers in the school district. By the time he became a sophomre in Senior High, he became the computer repair tech for the school, to include a time when he was called to the principal's office. After arriving at the pricipals office, he then realized the main reason for being called out of class. The pricipal was having problems with her computer and asked for my assistance. After diagnosing the problem, he realized the internal battery was bad and needed replacing. The principal then gave his some money and a hall pass to go to the store to replace the battery. After Graduating from Senior High, he was hired at an Civil Engineer company as the System Administrator of their Unix based Infrastructure. Seven years later, he took a position as the System Administrator for the Government.


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